Thursday, October 16, 2008

Council Bluff Lake, October 10th and 11th

My brother Grant and I went hiking around a lake called Council Bluff Lake, just off the Ozark Trail. We really couldn't have asked for nicer weather. The leaves were just beginning to turn. While I like hiking solo it's also great to hike with someone. We had lots of fun talking and enjoying the scenery together.

The hike we took was an 11.6 mile loop around the lake starting at the boat launch and going clockwise. We were very nearly always in sight of the lake.

One of the funny things about the trip was that by coincidence there happened to be a mountain bike race around the lake on Saturday. We saw a few bikers on Friday, but that didn't surprise us because we heard that this trail was popular with bikers. But we didn't know about the race the next morning. So all morning on Saturday we had to keep hopping off the trail so as not to be run over. I don't know the number of participants but it seemed like a lot. And the race was 4 times around the lake so by the time we were done we had seen some bikers 3 times.

Grant had never slept in a hammock. We hung our two hammocks near eachother so we could talk. I let him use my Hennessy because it has full bug protection (interesting he should worry about bugs being a spider enthusiast). He fully expected not to sleep a wink and in fact it did take some getting used to. But he actually slept well.

There were a few ups and downs but nothing major. So I expected not to get any good views except of the lake. But it turns out that the path crosses the earthen dam that forms the lake (all lakes in Missouri are man-made) and the dam is really quite high so we got a good view of the Ozark mountains, just beginning to put on fall color.

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Laura said...

Beautiful! And I know from taking fall picture myself - the camera never does the real scene justice. I bet it was breathtaking.